Your Turn-Key Solution To 5X Your Real Estate Business Online... EVEN IF You've Already Wasted Money Buying Leads
What Is A Real Estate Funnel?
  • Lead Generation: More highly qualified, exclusive leads generated at a fraction of what you'd pay the competition.
  • Conversion: Multi-channel autoresponders text, email, and call leads within 30 seconds and continue for up to a year or until the lead responds.
  • Business Development: Hours of tutorials, trainings, scripts, and tools to build a powerful framework for your real estate empire.
  •  Vendor Funding: The best part of this entire program is that your vendors (MLOs, title, escrow, notary, etc) will not only foot the bill -- they'll be asking if they can contribute more to get more leads!
Beautifully Designed Facebook Ads
Our Facebook Ad campaigns generate leads as low as 1/10 the price you'd spend on the competition, targeted by income, creditworthiness, net worth, and other Acxiom data parameters.
Multi-Channel Autoresponder Conversion
Did you know only 14% of emails get read, while 97% of text messages get seen? Our method capitalizes on SMS, video messaging, email, and Slydial Voicemail to give you every advantage on your automated followup.
Business Development Mastermind
Lead generation is only the beginning of the journey to the top of your market. Included are hours of training and tutorials to guide you to a position where clients will raise their hands to work with you.
Agent Partner Retention
Keeping referral partners happy and present is no longer a challenge with Listings Funnels. Our Client Retention Platform allows you to plug up to 25 users in to receive leads and track their activity. 
Funnel Creation SET UP FEE
Billed once
  • Hyper-local landing page creation and six month automated followup sequence
  • High conversion copy writing to resonate with your perfect client
  • Ultimate CRM/Marketing Supersystem for your team and up to 25 referral partners.
  • Access to Listings Funnels Mastermind, a step by step course on how to 5x your business
Ad Campaign Monthly Management
Billed monthly, paid by your vendors
  • Laser targeted buyer and seller clients at less than 10% the price of other systems
  • Convert them to responses using text, email, voicemail, and video messaging follow
  • In depth reporting so you see where every marketing dollar goes and easily track ROI
  • Exclusive access to Real Estate Marketing Mastermind Slack Channel
Recommended Ad Spend
1000 +
Spent on Facebook Ads per month, paid by your vendors
  • At $5 per lead, you should expect ~150 new leads in your pipeline every month 
  • The system will convert 40-60% to a response (60-80 conversations)
  • Of those conversations, approximately 4-10% (depending on sales acumen of agent) will close within a year
  • That's an extra 4-15 buyers and sellers
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